Raised from nothing

 I was born in the projects, raised in the ghetto

Never had much, always had to hustle

But I never let that hold me back

I stayed determined and stayed on track

I hustled hard, I grinded day and night

I worked my fingers to the bone, I put up a fight

I fought for my dreams, I never gave up

I kept pushing forward, I never gave in to the pressure, I never let up

Now I'm living the life, I'm making the cash

I'm on top of the world, I'm living in the fast lane

I came from nothing, now I'm something

I'm a self-made man, I'm living my dream

I hustled my way to the top, I never took no for an answer

I stayed focused, I stayed driven, I never let my guard down

I made my own luck, I made my own way

I'm a money-making machine, I'm living the American Dream

So if you want to join me on this ride

Come along, let's hustle, let's get it, let's thrive

We're making moves, we're making money, we're making history

Hustle hard, never give up, that's the key to victory.

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