Hustle and Grind

Yeah, it's your boy, coming at you live

With a flow so sick, it'll make you revive

I'm talking about the hustle, the grind, the cash flow

Making moves and getting paper, you know how it go

I'm on a mission, ain't no time to rest

Gotta get those gainz, gotta put my best

I'm turning heads, making waves, climbing the ranks

Leaving haters in the dust, I'm on top, I'm the man

Hustle hard, never give up, that's my motto

I'm chasing my dreams, I'm the king of this photo

I'm living life on my own terms, I'm in control

Making moves, making money, taking over the whole

I'm a money-making machine, I'm a boss

I'm making waves, I'm making noise, I'm the boss

I'm on top, I'm on point, I'm the best

Making money, living life, I'm truly blessed

With my Lambo parked outside, I'm the envy of the town

I'm making gainz like you wouldn't believe, I'm bringing the heat down

So if you want to join me on this ride

Come along, let's hustle, let's get it, let's thrive

We're making moves, we're making money, we're making history

Hustle hard, never give up, that's the key to victory.

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