Flying Cat

flying cat

Once upon a time, in a land far away

There was a flying cat who loved to play

With wings as big as sails, she soared through the sky

Singing and laughing, oh what a sight!


Flying cat, flying cat

Up in the air, she's where it's at

With her fur as soft as clouds, she's a joy to behold

Flying cat, flying cat, never getting old

She chased after birds and played with the moon

Danced with the stars, and sang her own tune

No one could catch her, she was too fast

A flying cat, she was truly a blast


But one day, she met a mischievous dog

Who wanted to bring her down to the bog

But the flying cat was clever and quick

She outsmarted the dog with a sneaky trick


Now the flying cat lives in the sky

Where she can soar and never have to say goodbye

To the friends she's made and the fun she's had

The flying cat is truly a delight, my friends.


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