I hope we meet again

couple facing each other pink background
Verse 1:

We met in a crowded room,

Our eyes locked, hearts in tune.

It was love at first sight,

We knew we'd be together that night.


But as time went on,

Our love began to fade.

We tried to hold on,

But it was too late.

Verse 2:

Now we're worlds apart,

But I still feel you in my heart.

I can't help but wonder,

If we'll meet again in another life's thunder.


Maybe in another time,

We'll get it right.

We'll be together again,

Exactly the way we wanted it to happen.


I still remember the way you made me feel,

The way you held me close, made everything real.

I wish we could go back to those days,

When everything was perfect in so many ways.


But now we're just a memory,

Of what could have been.

I'll always love you,

And I hope we'll meet again.

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